Law Reform

The FLA has been and continues to be very involved in pressing for law reform, particularly in those areas in which it is long overdue, including in relation to children.

In 2017-2018 FLA committee members have been involved in other family law committees and working groups such as the following:
(i) Family Proceedings Court Users Committee
(ii) the Working Group on Children and Ancillary Relief Procedures
(iii) the Law Society’s Family Law Committee
(iv) the Bar Association’s Family Law Committee
(v) the Hong Kong Committee on Children’s Rights
(vi) Ad hoc working group on Private Financial Adjudication

The FLA was actively involved in the following matters:
1) Making submissions to LegCo in respect of the establishment of Commission on Children.

2) Supporting the extension of the Pilot Scheme on Financial Private Adjudication which has been extended to 18 January 2021.

3) Working with the Law Society and the Hong Kong Bar Association exploring the possibility of developing a Code of Practice/ Guides to Good Practice for family law practitioners in Hong Kong.

The Association has been at the forefront of innovation in the practice of family law in Hong Kong, and its views are highly regarded by the Government and Judiciary . The FLA supports and promotes both mediation and collaborative practice as vital elements of alternative dispute resolution of both matrimonial and family conflicts.   It continues to work with other stakeholders in the area, including representative bodies such as the Law Society of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Bar Association, to improve the service to the community.     FLA committee members are invited to join other related committees and ad hoc working groups on practice and procedure convened by the Chief Justice.