Event: Duxbury Calculations and Hong Kong’s own “At A Glance”

Members and guests attended a talk by Mr. Azan Marwah, Mr. Shaphan Marwah and Mr. Jerome McDonagh on Wednesday 23 January 2019.

About Mr. Azan Marwah
Azan Marwah is a barrister and mediator specialising in family, public and commercial law. He is the co-author of Hong Kong Family Court Practice (2ed), and contributes to Atkins Court Forms (Family Vol), Halsbury’s Laws of Hong Kong, Archbold, the White Book, and Chitty on Contracts (HK).

About Mr. Shaphan Marwah
Shaphan Marwah is a practicing barrister with experience in a wide range of civil/commercial and matrimonial litigation. He is the co-author of Hong Kong Family Court Practice (2ed), and contributes to Archbold, and the White Book.

About Dr. Jerome McDonagh
Jerome McDonagh is a manager at MDD focusing on matters related to business valuation, damages quantification, fraud investigations. His practice also extends to family law matters, where he has extensive experience in investigations into spouses’ affairs to ascertain their business holdings, assets and sources of income; lifestyle analysis to determine expenditure requirements and any post-separation variations in expenditure; and Duxbury calculations. He has has acted as an expert witness in Hong Kong and UK Court proceedings. He is a Chartered Accountant (UK), Certified Fraud Examiner (USA), Certified Valuation Analyst (USA).

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